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  • How frequently do you guys conduct tests?
    We conduct weekly 11plus tests. The weekly tests will cover 2 subjects. 1. English 2. Maths Overall, the tests will last 2 hours that includes a 10 minutes break as well.
  • Are these tests Sutton-specific, do you cover Kent or other style tests?
    Our tests are focused on GL style and will help your kid to champion 11 plus subjects such as English and Maths. We are currently focusing on English & Math 11+ and targeting Sutton, QE, Tiffins and many more schools that are GL-based, but in the future we will start services for other area as well. We already have Test Centres in Barnet, East London and Sutton to cater for their local needs.
  • What do you guys do and how are you different from anyone else?
    We are 11plus specialists team. We are running our weekly test series that gives students a real exam experience. Content in examination is very well researched and close to the papers the kids are going to see. The Aspirant League Team provide a very in depth analysis about the kids' performances and guide the parents so that they can help their kids. No other providers provide such in depth insights and help - that too at such low cost.
  • How will I get the report for the 11plus weekly test?
    A very in depth report will be generated and shared the week after in person. If parents have any doubt they can discuss with the team at that time or later.
  • Can I see a sample report?
    Yes, please see our sample report.
  • How can we register for the test?
    You can go to this link and fill out the form to register your interest and book your free test.
  • How to make payment for tests or booklets?
    You can make a bank transfer to our account account information is here: Bank Transfer: Account Name: Aspirant League Limited Sort Code: 30-99-50 A/c No: 34165462 Payment Reference: Child's Full Name
  • Do you guys provide online or offline coaching?
    We are here to help parents so that they can help their kids. We provide various pointers to good study materials that will help parents and kids BUT we do not provide any online or offline coaching.
  • What are the fees?
    The first test is free of cost and after that you will have 2 options to continue. If you buy a single test it will cost you £25. A bundle of 5 will cost you only £100(you are saving £25).
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